Driving Jersey: Tribal Dance Arts: Point Pleasant, NJ

Who isn't fascinated by gypsy culture and bellydance? It's the mystery stuff of childhood stories and legends. It's a romantic vision of life. It's ancient and biblical. It's a free and freewheeling rambling culture and art. Anyone who has ever paused on the way to the office or to school or even to home and heard the faint sounds of distant music and smelled the sweet scent of lilacs or incense in the air, and thought to deviate, to follow and investigate, knows the lure of the lore of this sort of "freedom."

The crew of Driving Jersey and I couldn't resist the invitation to experience bellydance in the Garden State. Enjoy the visions of the Tribal Dance Arts Spring Hafla, a bellydance and cultural performance and party. Tribal Dance Arts  is an American  tribal fusion bellydance  school  based  in Brick,  NJ.

Founded in 2004 by Julie Nuzzo, the schools unique style, fusing steps from ballet, jazz, flamenco, Afro-Cuban dance, medieval folk, bhangra, and Egyptian  cabaret,  has become the trademark of their resident Daughters of Sophia tribal dance troupe. The Daughters of Sophia perform in annual shows with Alborada: Spanish Dance Theatre in The Sephardic Connection and The Feast of Sarah.

For information on Tribal Dance Arts classes and bellydance workshops visit:


In these two performance videos, Tribal Dance Arts Founder Julie "Ashtar" Nuzzo

and Special Guest Dancer, Vorona.


                                                                         ...try to look away...you just can't...