We found Rockit, a school of music for kids, not by word of mouth, but by the music to our ears.  In a small store-front, a former barber shop, in the shadow of the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, in Monmouth County, something special is can hear it from a block away.  It’s the sound of rock n’ roll.  It draws you in.  Almost everyone who stops to peer in through the blinds, and there are many who do, assume it is a warm up for whatever a-list rocker or rock band is playing at the famed venue next door.  But it’s the rockers and rockbands of the future.  It’s the sound of the soul of rock n’ in its pure form because it’s being played by those who sparked the fuse in the first place, kids...just old enough to strum and drum and wail their coming-of-age angst and inspiration.        

On any given day or night some twenty or so kids, mostly long-haired boys in jeans and tees and mod girls gather there to play, practice and live the lifestyle of the rock musician.  The emphasis is on learning all aspects of performance.  Musicians and singers are matched in multiple rock bands that meet for six 90 minute rehearsals.  The endgame is a three hour epic rock show on the Count Basie stage. 

Bruce Gallipani, the creator of Rockit, and his instructors stress the importance of proficiency.  Nobody gets sloppy, nobody messes around with out first knowing how, what and why they must play and sing and move as they are mentored to, but the success of Rockit is also in the earned freedom that the program allows for.  The Rockit barber shop rehearsal space and the sidewalk outside is a place where the young rockers want to be...with kids who understand them and are understood.  At Rockit there is a healthy balance of rehearsal and relaxation, of practice and play.  And the proof of Gallipani’s program is on show day.  Seeing...HEARING is believing.

“Is this a kid’s show?” a passerby asked Gallipani on the sidewalk, as his kids rehearsed The Who inside.  “Nah,” he said, “it’s a rock show.”

Bruce Gallipani, Rockit Creator/Director

Rockit! is a licensed trademark name owned by Bruce Gallipani.  Additional live concert footage filmed by Videosyncrasy.  For more information regarding Rockit!, auditions and show dates, check them out on the web at: