Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Eatontown was built between 1845 and 1846.  James K. Polk was President.  Abraham Lincoln was just setting up his law practice.  It is the oldest church in Eatontown.  Prior to the construction of the church, outdoor prayer meetings were held in the area, which for many years was called "Little Africa" or "Negro Hill."

The last major renovation for the church occurred in the early part of the last century, before World War I.  Members of the congregation and community raised the church by hand, using picks and shovels, and created a basement and kitchen.  Through out the years, necessary changes and improvements have occurred, but step into Mount Zion and you instantly, simultaneously feel all the years gone by, as well as the presence of the past.

Today the church, a true community church, nestled in a neighborhood and not on a major road or highway, is guided by the remarkable Reverend Benjamin A. Evans, Sr.  But make no mistake, the spirit that guides Mount Zion is its dedicated flock, that believes, unwaveringly, that their church will forever "stay strong, unmovable and steadfast."

Despite that faith, this wonderful landmark of spirituality and community is showing its age.  Stretched plastic, now warped and worn, hangs from every window keeping the elements at bay, sort of.  Pastor Evans and church secretary and historian Rodney Jackson suggested that new windows would eventually be afforded.  Like most things for this church, they believe that windows and other current needs, will be provided for, like the ones of old,  when it is necessary and God is willing.  That sort of of faithful patience may be what has kept this small, mighty church going for so long. 

Enjoy Driving Jersey: Mount Zion, cause when was the last time you had yourself a Holy Ghost good time?