We’re living through amazing times, amazing technological times, our questions are answered, our destinations are navigated, and we are connected to each other like never before, but at the same time, we’re disconnecting in equal measure. 

Despite all of the technological breakthroughs of our modern times we’re still getting lost, still losing our way.  We’re still missing the point and missing each other.  And long conversations that used to begin with a question conclude quickly with a suggestion of, Google it.  But I don’t want to Google it.  I still like hearing different human responses to my questions.  I wanna hear your voice.  I wanna see your eyes as you respond.

So whenever I've got something on my mind, I ask about it to everyone I meet.  It's kinda like asking for directions to places inside all of us.

Over the last six months I've been searching for meaning in the ideas of BEAUTY, LOVE & TRUTH. Magnetic disturbances within my own compass had pulled me off course and I had to recalculate my route.  BEAUTY, LOVE & TRUTH or our understanding of them guides us through life. 

They're ideas that seem so obvious and then suddenly so mysterious, specifically particular, impossible to define or understand, but felt by us all. 

On the road, we found three people who shared their passion with us, their purpose and their understanding of BEAUTY, LOVE  & TRUTH.  Driving Jersey: Lost & Found is the first report from the field on these subjects.

In Northwestern Jersey, we hiked with Mike Helbing's Metrotrails group.  Helbing has been leading 20 mile+ hikes around New Jersey every weekend for two decades...for free.  He navigates his hikes along abandoned railroad beds and through vacant homesteads and farms, some dating back to the early days of America.  His passion is uncovering the stories of life, human and otherwise, by exploring the scars left behind and the ways nature has come in to reclaim that which was taken from it.

In Ocean Grove, we marched along in the annual, "epic" Independence Day Parade, at the urging of Heather McLaughlin.  10 years ago, McLaughlin organized a kazoo band to march.  The number of kazoo-ers and the good spirit that they have generated has grown exponentially each year.  Today, some 100+ people kazoo through the streets of this Rockwell-esque town.  What she began as a whim for the 4th of July, has brought her friendship, love and fulfillment that lasts all year long.

After living in the same home for 26 years, Johnna White, decided she was moving on, moving in with her boyfriend.  Her transition, which we, picked up on at her yard sale, was difficult, yet beautiful.  White invited us into the place she called home and opened up her heart about the impossible blessings of closing a chapter in her life, starting a new one and saying goodbye.

Music for Driving Jersey: Lost & Found was performed by The Following, Jesse Pollack, Alms House, Jon Francis, and 125 of the finest kazoo players money can't buy.  Check local listings and Facebook for updates about PBS airdates and times.