I first saw New York City jazz man, Brian Newman, play at the Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park. He was fronting his trio, as they played for “The World Famous Pontani Sisters”, a burlesque troop, "fronted" by Newman's own wife, Angie Pontani. She's from Trenton and I spent some quality time with her for an episode in our 4th season, but Brian has also always interested me.

Besides being a great trumpet player and singer, he arranged and appeared on Lady Gaga's jazz album with Tony Bennett, “Cheek to Cheek”, and accompanied them on a worldwide tour, I also like Brian's genuine dedication to a look, a style and a way of life that is of a bygone era. One look at Brian and his beautiful wife Angie and their Brooklyn apartment and you will wonder along with us, why this era has to be bygone.

They are living New York cool and it feels so right, so good. Forget all the hype about hipsters, Brian Newman is the real deal down to his skunk suspenders and his Swifty Lazar sunglasses. I spent the day and night with Brian, from his sweet Brooklyn pad to the Iridium jazz club in mid-town Manhattan, from husband and dad to swinging daddio in front of a sold out crowd.  Check out La Vie En Rose and enjoy the submersive experience of the Newman’s genuine retro-metro life.