Johnna White volunteers at the SPCA animal shelter. At a time when time is impossible to come by, White volunteers hers, two or three days a week, two or three hours a day to cat socialization at the center, which in her words, means, she "plays with the cats."  But according to the folks at the SPCA, cat socialization, is one of the most important things non-staff can do for these animals to prepare them for adoption.

White, essentially, prepares the caged cat to be loved in a "forever home," by exposing them to play and affection from a human. Many of the cats at the facility are naturally apprehensive and anxious being caged and yet wanting contact. White gives them that contact, that love that takes the cautious feline and transforms them into or back into a loving pet.

Apart from the adoption end-game, White and her fellow volunteers are everything to these caged animals. They have no idea that they are waiting for a home. There is no Disney talking animal consciousness about longing for a family in these cats and dogs. They only know and understand their current living situation and because of that, successful adoption or not, people like White are everything to them and it shows.

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