Angie Pontani was immediately familiar to me.  Besides the fact that, as part of her burlesque work, she is comfortable “revealing” herself to all, there is something else, something so genuinely “connected,” about her.  I felt like I knew her.  Like I had met her before.  She reminded me of something, someone or maybe some time.  She is about as Jersey as they come, which means, there is something about her character, her attitude, her hands waving through a story, her new school old school, her spirit...that feels like Jersey. 

When I asked her if I could get to know her, something she likely hears a lot...after shows...she spends a fair amount of  time post-performance posing with audience members, she agreed to spend a day with me.  “Where would you like to do this,” she asked.  And I, always more interested in the story untold, suggested she take me home with her...not to her current residence, where she

                                  THEN        &         NOW

lives with her incredibly talented singer/trumpet player/band leader/husband, Brian Newman, but to the place she grew up. And as we visited her old Trenton neighborhood and walked among the Chambersburg  ghosts and current inhabitants, Angie, went from burlesque seductress to the girl who lived up the block, a magical American combination.  She’s the one you knew or know and always wonder about.  Wonder, no more.  Enjoy Driving Jersey: Angie’s about going home.

Music for Driving Jersey: Angie Pontani was performed by The Brian Newman Quartet and Jon Francis.  Check them out on the web by clicking on their names.