Driving Jersey is real.  Driving Jersey represents and reflects the most misunderstood and misrepresented place and people in all of America. It is a crossroads melting pot.  It is a garden state of mind.  Driving Jersey is as diverse in style and content as the state it portrays.  Driving Jersey is a revelation.  Driving Jersey will surprise you.

Driving Jersey creators Steve Rogers and Ryan Bott invite the audience along for a journey into the lives, loves, talents, challenges, occupations, and preoccupations of those they meet along the way.   Each half-hour episode includes a mix of profiles of people, places, institutions and ideas all connected to Jersey and all linked to the human experience.  The show has a range of varying content, from magazine style profiles to performances by Jersey singers/songwriters/bands and musicians to moments of zen, the creators call, Look At This. 

“The show is called Driving Jersey,” Rogers said, “and while it is Jersey-centric, while we are staying within the confines of the Garden State, the stories we portray are the tales of people everywhere.  This is a work of humanity.” 

The main focus of Driving Jersey is on the profile pieces in each episode, however, the show also includes man-on-the-street interviews, called NJ Vox Pop.   Shot in locations all over the state, NJ Vox Pop, asks the passerby provocative questions that support the profile piece that follows.  What do you have faith in? What makes you happy?  What does the future look like? The point of these pieces is to prompt the viewer to consider the question themselves and to appreciate the varying viewpoints of others, as well as our shared thoughts. 

FORMAT: Docu-Series/Profiles/Features Magazine